Lily’s Future is Bright!

My boyfriend and I first found Lily while exploring the NEAS website. We were moving from a tiny no-pets apartment in Boston to the suburbs and were incredibly excited to adopt our first dog together. About two weeks before we moved, my boyfriend sent me Lily’s picture from the website and I immediately fell in… Read more »

Broly bug

Broly (formerly known as Tanner) was just around 6 months old when we stumbled upon him at NEAS and he is now about a year and a half! He loves going for walks, playing in the sprinkler/pool, chasing around his 9 year old shihtzu mix brother named Jack, and playing fetch with his never ending… Read more »

Jesse is a Daddy’s Girl

When we first brought Jesse home in March, she was a timid puppy who was even afraid to go for a walk. Since then, she has become very happy well adjusted girl who loves hugs and kisses and her toys. She has become best friends with a family member’s dog who is here for the… Read more »

Cali, who rescued who?

My wife and I were looking for the perfect dog. After going through multiple adoption agencies, we did not receive a response due to the busy and aggressive schedule that those programs carry with it. We wanted to go to a rescue shelter and adopt the same day. We were ready. We went to two… Read more »

Marla is a spoiled kitty!

We adopted Nellie (now known as Marla) a little over a week ago. She is absolutely perfect. She adjusted to our home the moment we opened her carrier case and welcomed her to her forever home. She found her spot on the bed under the skylight where she could sunbathe. She is a gentle friendly… Read more »

Max and Dean

Max came to our home in July, and he has adjusted quickly. From the second day he was running the house! We tried to keep him separate so he could adjust but that was not his plan. He came right out and went right up to our black lab, Dean. They have been fast friends… Read more »

Tangela and Sweeny

Tangela and Sweeny are sister and brother. They came home with us on 6/29/19 and have settled right in! They play and run until they pass out and when they wake up are ready to snuggle!

Meek won’t eat alone!

He was originally Meetch but we changed his name to Meek. He is full of energy and has a big personality for a little kitten. He loves to tease the dogs and chase after our other cat. He loves to eat but will not eat alone… you have to sit next to him for him… Read more »

Gus the cuddle bug

We adopted our puppy, Gus (formerly Artemis), on June 27th. He is an unbelievable cuddle bug to both humans and our other rescue dog, Rosie (who is almost 12). I have owned 5 rescue dogs in my adult lifetime….hands down, Gus is the most affectionate. He had an unfortunate accident, about a week after coming… Read more »

Trudy the ninja

Trudy made herself right at home as soon as she arrived. She spends her days perfecting her ninja crawl and silent attack skills on her new older feline sister, playing with 2 toys at a time (one for her front paws and one for her back paws) and snuggling up to her human as often… Read more »