Happy is just that… Happy!

Happy is doing well! Her new name is Lupa. She just had her first vet appointment this week and the doctor said she was NOT nervous at all! She’s so excited to see new people. She loves to cuddle and she’s a great snuggle buddy. She would cry in the crate the first few nights, but now… Read more »

The Doc is in!

Doc is doing great! He adjusted in no time – literally – from the second he walked into the house. He loves people, kids and other dogs! We got a clean bill of health at the vet a couple weeks ago and he has doubled in size! He’s a big fan of Peppa pig – or… Read more »

G Glenn Mom, known now as our lovely Momo

Momo came to us as “S. Glenn Mom” last year and has been such a wonderful addition to our little family. We named her after Aang’s lemur in Avatar: the Last Airbender—they both have a certain talent for in stealing food and getting into all sorts of hyjinx. Momo loves early morning snuggles and bread… Read more »

Our Boys! Mercury (front) and Oatmeal (back)!

When we brought Mercury and Oatmeal home they adjusted right away! They both have such different personalities. Mercury is an adventurer, curious and very cuddly! Oatmeal is quiet, likes to be held, and very laid-back! They are so much fun and are such well-trained and well-behaved cats. We could not have gotten luckier, and look… Read more »

Lemon: From a Shy Guy to Love Bug!

We adopted two kitten brothers from NE Animal Shelter in October 2020. The bigger brother, now named Xander, was confident and loved humans from the start. The smaller brother, now named Lemon, was really shy. He had signs of being a sweetie but it took him a while to trust us. Within 1 week of… Read more »

Loki (AKA Rufus)

I adopted Loki, formerly known as Rufus, on September 27th, 2020. He was the last puppy left at NEAS of his 9 other litter mates. When I noticed he was still available for adoption the weekend prior to my original adoption appointment, I immediately contacted the staff at NEAS to see if they had any… Read more »

Pepper, Our Spice Girl!

Pepper has been with us for going on 3 years this coming April. The first year was hard as she was a very spicy puppy, but she came into her own on the second year. She loves to go for rides and can be pretty lazy when she wants. We wouldn’t trade her for anything…. Read more »

History’s Cutest Viking Finds a Home

We brought home Ragnar (previously known as Rocco) roughly two months ago, and couldn’t be happier. Our little viking has a nose for adventure, and loves exploring his new home. Whether we’re walking through the woods, or around the city of Boston, Ragnar is not shy about making new friends and greets everyone he meets… Read more »

Linda-Sue and her new dog sister, Brooklyn!

Linda-Sue (Formerly Sheba) is named after my grandmother and her sister, Suzanne Dalton. She the best cat anyone could adopt. She really reminds me of me and my grandmother’s cat, Bootsie, who died last April of cancer. She has the exact same personality of Bootsie. She is super laid-back, she lets me dress her up,… Read more »

Finny Minny loves his new home!

I had been debating getting a cat for a while during the pandemic and I finally made the leap. Finn (formerly Abeja) has been so amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better kitty. The first night I brought him home, he slept in bed with me and has every night since. He is… Read more »