Sammy, my boy!

We originally took Sammy in five years ago as a medical foster. He was very sick with reoccurring pneumonia. We nursed him back to health and fell completely in love with him. He now has a normal life expectancy! Sammy is a very happy guy always smiling and wagging his tail. He spends his days running… Read more »

Luke and Leia: They completed our Galaxy

Luke and Leia came into my life from NEAS almost 2 years ago now. It was the best thing in the world for all three of us. There isn’t a time that I come home and one or both of them isn’t greeting me at the door. They took care of each other when they… Read more »

Bodhi “our prince”!

Our family is overwhelmed by how incredibly lucky we are to have Bodhi (formerly known as Elfy) as part of our lives. He is so happy and healthy and is still growing! First of all, he’s so handsome. People stop us all the time and compliment him and we also can’t get enough of how… Read more »

Rhea (formerly Penelope) Mother of Gods

Rhea has filled our hearts so quickly. She loves to play with all her toys (especially feathers) and has learned to play fetch with us already! She can be mischievous and loves to run around and investigate everything in the house. Once she’s exhausted herself, she collapses into a purring ball of love. Her name… Read more »

Our “anything but” hound mix!

Samadi, now named Gordie, is doing great! We are absolutely in love with him. He is our spoiled little “fur-child”. When we first brought Gordie home, he was very shy and fearful of new experiences and was terrified of walking anywhere he could hear or see moving cars. He was also very scared of other dogs… Read more »

Coco Chanel

We adopted “Dolly” on May 19,2019 after losing our dog Drizzle, after 16 loving and cuddly years. After spending some time with her, we decided to change her name to Coco (Chanel) because she loves the finer things in life. She had totally filled the void in our home. She’s brought nothing but love and… Read more »

Elizabeth and Emily – The Blakewell sisters

Elizabeth and Emily are settling in quite well. They are active and loving sisters. Despite the many toys at their disposal, they most enjoy chasing the occasional fly that gets in and batting around bottle caps. They are wonderful co-workers and sit in on all my conference calls and meetings. Unlike me they are able… Read more »

We’re smitten with our kitten!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Helium (Now Salem) is setting in perfectly. The moment we brought him home and let him out in a quiet spot he immediately demanded to see the rest of the house right meow! (His big brother also demanded to see him.) Salem is a little sweetheart! He’s is settled into a routine of coming up at… Read more »

Wednesday the playful cat!

I adopted Wednesday a little over a month ago and she has quickly become my best friend and constant shadow! Wednesday settled in quickly upon arrival in her new home and is a very social and curious cat now. She loves to carry her favorite green mouse toy all around the house, so that she… Read more »

Marvin (formally known as Mojo)

We adopted Marvin on June 30th and haven’t stopped smiling since. Marvin is such a love and a joy. We wonder every day how we got so lucky to be his family! We are so so so thankful to Northeast Animal Shelter for bringing us together!