Alys is one smart cookie!

Jake is now an Alys, and is doing really well!   She’s super sweet and is lots of fun to be around. Alys is really smart and has the phone sussed! When I was video calling my family in the UK, she was tapping the screen as they moved and putting her head to the… Read more »

Rudy is the perfect new family member!

We got Rudy (formerly Trey) at NEAS a couple weeks ago and we couldn’t be happier! Rudy is settling in quite nicely to his new home. He loves to play with his toys and follow us around the house to help with chores. Rudy is definitely a cuddle bug! He climbs in bed and and… Read more »

Melody is safe and loved

Hello from Melody. I really like the human I chose to adopt. Even though my eyesight is very bad I am adapting to my new surroundings very well because I feel safe and loved. I carefully explore my new home and learn very quickly. I really like to sit next to my human while she… Read more »

Fonzie the wonder pup

We’re having an incredible time with Rio, whose new name is Fonzie. The experience at NEAS was so wonderful; I wish we could come back for more Fonzies! Your help and attention was far beyond what we expected and we can’t thank you enough.     A few highlights from Fonzie’s new life:   *… Read more »

Lou doesn’t know how big he is!

Chowder now goes by Louie.. mostly “Lou”! He’s been settling in so well in our home! He loves to snuggle. Loves to chew on crunchy leaves on the deck.. which he’s actually doing right now. He’s been doing so well sleeping in the crate, which was definitely a big help in easing him into a… Read more »

Pepper the guard cat!

When we were bringing Pepper home, she was so brave in the car and observed everything around her. Over the past three weeks, she has blossomed, and is the sweetest, most cuddly cat we have ever had in our family. She loves to snuggle on the couch, play with her string, and curl up in… Read more »

Oliver the birthday boy

My son wanted to get me a white kitten for my September 17th birthday. I have always wanted a white kitten, and they are hard to find. I was on my way out to do errands and I just happened to look at the NEAS website and there were two 8 week old white kittens… Read more »

Bear’s new life

We adopted Bear this summer. He was found alone in Georgia and we believe he is around 5 years old. We were looking for a friend for our other dog, Koda who is 41/2. Bear was a bit shy and quiet when at the shelter but I can tell you that he has adjusted really… Read more »

Phoebe is the perfect forever addition to the family.

I adopted Phoebe (formally known as Kris) on August 19, 2019 when she was about 9 weeks old. Now, close to 2 months later, she is settling in perfectly in her forever home. Phoebe loves to cuddle and will fall asleep on your neck and/or chest so she can be as close to you as… Read more »

Charlie knows how to keep the fun going!

Charlie (formerly Levi) is amazing! We stumbled upon him on a random visit to the shelter and instantly, we both knew he was the one. We were worried about introducing a puppy to our 10-year-old Sheltie, but Charlie is SO good with her and brings out energy in her we haven’t seen in years. He… Read more »