Gary, such a sweet little man!

We renamed Widget and he is now called Gary. He is the biggest sweetheart and loves snuggles, but that’s not to say he doesn’t do his fair share of running around like a wild man! He loves the car and we go for weekly visits to grandma’s farmhouse in RI every weekend. He hasn’t had… Read more »

Cesar the Great ( aka Loma & Porter)

Hi, my name is Cesar. I was named Porter at the shelter but hastily changed to Loma. However, when I got to my forever home it was apparent my name should be changed to Cesar the great!!!! I am very happy with my new family. My four legged brother, whose name is Bear, is making… Read more »

Lucky Lars is the Life of Every Party

Monkey, renamed “Lucky Lars” or just Lars for short, has come a long way since his adoption. He was greasy, timid, and wouldn’t approach anyone. Now this happy little guy has blossomed into a sociable loving pup! He loves to play, cuddle, and greet everyone he sees! He will jump on your lap even if… Read more »

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle …

Our new family member is an absolute love and he immediately settled in and made our house his home. We have re-named him Luke (he was Eli at NEAS) in honor of our cat who passed (Leia) and they have a lot in common (mutual love of straws, running full speed up and down the… Read more »

Chester & Littermate Love ❤️

My dog Chester is one of the ten puppies from Sally’s litter. Sally was a “Collie mix” rescued from Georgia. We have met up with two of his brothers, Atticus (formerly Cornelius) and Milo (formerly Henry.) They played wonderfully together for hours. It was probably the most adorable moments of my life. I’m so glad… Read more »

Nala, our very own Lion King

Nala is very good behaved puppy. We have been doing training on using the bathroom outside and not inside, and she is doing very good. She is a happy dog and we are best friends!! You guys are a great shelter I’m so glad I adopted her from you! 

Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody loves our new family member, Raymond! I’ve never had a pup, just dogs 1 year and up, so this is an experience to say the least. He’s very healthy and happy and so are we. Ray already has friends next door that he plays with, and he gets along great with them. We’re very happy… Read more »

Max and Thor

Max and Stripes (now called Thor) are getting along great.  Thor is the best cat and Max is a love.  Max is great with other dogs too.  We are so happy with our two adoptions.

There’s Something About Mary – on a Wednesday

I’m delighted to have a chance to gush about my little girl. Mary has adjusted very well here and is purring on my lap as I type. She eats well and is not fussy about her food and now weighs 6.6 pounds. She never fails to uses the litter box. For the most part Mary… Read more »

Margaret’s meows mean “bon appétit”!

Mystic is now known as Margaret, and she is an extremely good girl. She plays with her big brothers, Horatio and Leonardo.  She’s very much their leader! Margaret snuggles a lot, and likes to play teddy bear. She keeps me on my toes.  If I take too long fixing the Cats’ yum yum, Margaret, as… Read more »