Leo eats everything!

I got Leo at the beginning of December to add to the addition of the 2 older cats we had at home…we wanted to give our male cat a little playmate. When I first went into the shelter Leo came up to me and right away I knew that was the one to take home…. Read more »

Ginger the holiday elf!

We recently lost our dear 16 year old Samantha and recognized that we wanted to share our love with a new rescue dog. As we began to look at the pictures of the adult dogs at the shelter, sweet Ginger’s eyes seemed to speak to our souls. We visited and fell in love with her;… Read more »

Sylvie the snuggler

Sylvie transitioned seamlessly into our family. She quickly developed a “snuggle routine” and will take turns climbing into our kids’ beds and waking them up with kisses each morning. Sylvie balances luxurious naps with boundless energy and happily chases toys up and down the hallway, especially at 2 AM. Sylvie has designated a particular kitchen… Read more »

Princess Phoebe

We lost our dog of 11.5 years in November,  and with the Holidays coming up,  we knew that we couldn’t have an empty house. We missed wet nose and paw prints all over the floor, and a wagging tail at the door. So our family went back to NEAS. It was almost closing time, and… Read more »

Rosa wants to be cuddled to sleep <3

Rosa (formally Cherri) has been loving her new home and playing with her family and her doggie brother Niko. We are still potty training but she is catching on. Rosa loves to play catch, run around and when she gets tired, she wants to be held and be cuddled until she falls asleep. She is… Read more »

Peaches is as sweet as a peach!

Ever since we brought her home, she has livened up the house in the best way possible. She is a Tortie kitten with a lot of personality and energy, as well as a great snuggler. Can’t wait to see her blossom!

Raliegh the food snatcher!

I adopted Raliegh in June 2019 at 6 months. He is a great addition to our family. His big sister Althea (formally Marsha) was adopted from NEAS in Feb. 2018 at 5 months. He gets into everything and has to check out everything with his mouth… I have to wait for him to take a… Read more »

Brie found a home for the holidays!

We adopted Brie on December 6, 2019, and she is adjusting extremely well. She enjoys walks and if the weather permits, we take long walks for about 30 to 45 minutes. My two college children just came home for Christmas and Brie connected with them immediately. They now take turns walking Brie every day. We… Read more »

Poe is but a dream within a dream!

We are so happy with Ghost, who we have renamed, Poe. He has adapted so well to our life, and his personality started to show the second we brought him home! He loves playing with balls and paper towel rolls, and really enjoys knocking over things on tables. His favorite places to take naps are… Read more »

Boba plays video games (or wants to anyways!)

Boba (formerly Lynette) is doing well.  She’s a very good kitty.  My daughter and I love Boba so much.    It took time, but she gives us plenty of kitty kisses.  Boba is playful and very funny at times.  She loves her tree house!   Boba is not shy when it comes to food.  She gets delicious… Read more »