When we adopted Merrill, we hit the jackpot! 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒

I got Merrill the Saturday before thanksgiving of 2016. When my family first adopted her she was shy, skittish, and very worried about everything she did. She didn’t seem to know how to be a dog. With much encouragement, time, pats, and many many treats, Merrill started coming out of her shell and acting more… Read more »

A Chip off the old block

Chip (was Marble) is an active, healthy. funny, and mischievous cat.  His foster mom said he was full of shenanigans and she wasn’t lying.  Chip likes to sit on the coffee table and play with our dog’s (Mickey) tail as Mickey wags it back and forth.  Chip likes to push things on the floor with… Read more »

Gracie, so sweet and lovable

We are very happy we chose Gracie. She is so sweet and lovable. She has a calm temperament. She has never scratched or bitten us. She sleeps well. She licks her roommate’s face and he lets her.  She kisses us with licks, grooms herself regularly. She plays with her toys, and loves to cuddle.

Our Georgia Peach jumps and spins, then suns herself

We love our little kitty! We named her Georgia Peach. She eats well (probably too much), and has put on a little weight. Georgia is the most playful cat we have ever had. She jumps and spins and chases things. She especially likes to go after toys that we move around under newspaper and paper… Read more »

Morgana Le Fur, Destroyer of Toys, has an earthy appetite

We love our puppy! We changed her name from Buttercup to Morgana Le Fur, Destroyer of Toys (but just Morgan for short), since there is no toy that has been able to withstand her voracious appetite. She has her own Facebook page! She is sweet and adorable, which is a good thing, since she is… Read more »

Lyla – If you are a chair, beware!

Lyla (FAYE, when adopted) is doing so so good! She is the sweetest little pup you could ever ask for. She is super smart! She eats well and plays A LOT. She LOVES to cuddle although still sometimes urinates from over excitement… but other than that she’s just an angel. Still trying to get her… Read more »

Carolyn – Up Close and Personal

Carolyn is adjusting so well. At first she was a bit shy, but after two weeks she is cuddly and loves to run up and down the stairs. So far, we think she has lost some weight as we have been putting her on a diet to keep her from being overweight. Carolyn loves seeing… Read more »

Morgan, a dog in a cat’s clothing

We are sooo in love with Morgan. He is just the sweetest, funniest, most adorable little boy. He’s basically a dog pretending to be a cat! He follows us everywhere in the house. He is always with a person. He sleeps in bed with one of us every night as well.  It didn’t take long… Read more »


Dwayne is doing awesome! He adapted to his new home really quickly. It took him maybe 15 minutes to feel comfortable and lay and sleep on the couch.  Our vet told us he was going to be a big cat (apparently already has big shoulders!) He is still so friendly, curious and playful. He LOVES… Read more »

Roscoe is the Best Mostly Good Dog

(Ok…minus a paperback or two and a few dissected house plants he really is perfect!) Initially I had gone in to look at another dog but was smitten by Roscoe and his repeated attempts to initiate belly rubs. As a first-time dog owner I was nervous and slightly unsure how a very intelligent but very… Read more »