Ginny loves her siblings!

We brought Sweet Ginny (formerly Dolly) home with us on July 3, 2019. She has really settled in! She loves to have someone pet her while she is eating, and purrs like crazy! She is bonding nicely with her older feline brother Neely – they like to go nose to nose to check each other… Read more »

Layla in the lillies

We adopted our pup Layla on Father’s Day weekend, and in just 7 weeks she has gotten 100% acclimated to being part of our family. She is beautiful, full of personality, totally spoiled, and full of energy. We are now guessing that she is part dachshund, part hound, part boxer… and part CHEETAH! This girl… Read more »

Lacey Jean

Lacey Jean joined our family back in April 2018. Since being adopted Lacey’s personality has blossomed; she is filled with love and excitement everyday and has such a big personality. Lacey enjoys long walks, ice cream adventures, playing with her squeaky toys and making tons of friends. Words cannot describe how thankful we are to… Read more »

Sig Fred

Sig, (formally known as Smith) was adopted in March of 2015 at 12 weeks old. He was a shy, bow legged, anxiously sweet boy who loved a good sneaker or two. Sig settled into a routine very quickly and decided he liked the bed more than his crate. If Sig had a resume, his would… Read more »

Mia Mia!

Mia is our little cutie pie!! My boyfriend and I adopted Mia after searching for a dog for almost a month. She was four months (almost six now) and she adjusted so well, so quickly! The adoption process was a breeze and we met Mia and we took her home that same day. Since taking… Read more »

Calypso Fits Right In

Calypso came home with us on 6/29/19 and we have been in love ever since!! We were warned that she was a little feisty one and that the shelter didn’t know much about her history, only that she came from a hoarding situation and might be shy. That was not the case at all! She… Read more »

Dezi’s Happy Ending

We adopted Cynda (formerly Dezi) on July 25, 2019. She was featured on Facebook with her heart warming story…you would never know she ever she had a fractured leg! She is absolutely beautiful and is developing such a sweet personality. Cynda is learning more each day!

Frodo, who rescued who?

When we first walked around the shelter, it was overwhelming. How could we pick just one? While walking around one little pup especially caught our eyes. Frodo (formerly known as Benji) was sitting, as close to the front of his crate he could get, looking up at us. He stared into our eyes, waged his… Read more »

Dudley Boi

I adopted Dudley (named Davos at the time) about 3 months ago when he was just 15 weeks old. I had visited NEAS a couple times previously, but never found a dog I completely fell in love with (not to say they weren’t amazing doggos, if I could I would adopt all the good boys… Read more »

Milo fits right in <3

We are so in love with our little Milo! He is an absolute sweetheart filled with so much love and happiness. He is the perfect fit for our family xoxooxox