Ava is just a baby!

We adopted Ava on Jan. 2, 2020 and fell in love with her immediately. Although she was shy for the first couple of days, she has certainly come out of her shell. She is an extremely energetic, playful, loving and a typical ‘baby’ at just over 4 months old. She loves to chew on anything… Read more »

Princess makes the home feel alive again!

We are going on 5 weeks with our new pup, Princess. After not having a dog for two years, our house is alive again! She is enjoying her new dog friends, walks in the woods, and the love that we give her. She loves everyone she meets! She also enjoys her feline brother Oliver. We… Read more »

Bella – the small but mighty watchdog!

Little Bella was a tough cookie at first, but we quickly realized that all she wanted to do was love and protect her family. She is a constant snuggler and the best greeter of all time! Bella takes her watchdog job very seriously, as her sister tends to let just about anyone visit. Bella loves… Read more »

Olive is a perfect little bean!

Olive (formerly Tessa) has been the best addition! Since coming home at the end of October, she’s nearly doubled in size. Her vet thinks she’ll be a lifelong little bean and max out around 7 pounds. She’s such a smart and mischievous kitty. Her approach to everything in life seems to be “hey, that looks… Read more »

Bo is no longer a candy cane!

Adopting Bo (formerly known as Candy Cane) was the best decision ever! He is such a great puppy and loves to cuddle and give kisses. The staff were all fantastic, and if we ever decide to get a friend for Bo, we’ll definitely adopt from Northeast Animal Shelter!

Toby picked his forever family!

Toby is the sweetest little man; loves to cuddle and play! He walked right up to us in the shelter and we fell in love. I can’t wait to watch him grow up and give him the home and family he deserves!!

Scout has come so far!

Last January, we adopted our girl Scout (previously named Dottie) from NEAS. She’s been a wonderful addition to our family. When she first came home with us, she wasn’t fully house trained, was afraid of stairs and cars, and wasn’t quite sure how to react to her new home. But she settled in quickly; she’s… Read more »

Colbie and Cali are the perfect fits

On September 11, 2016 we adopted our sweet girl Colbie (then named Pearl) at 16 weeks old. Yesterday, we took a trip back and we brought Colbie home a sister, Cali ( previously named Thebe) who is a 12 week old bundle of love, snuggles and fun. As you can see, they are VERY pleased… Read more »

Jessie was the best decision!

Jessie has been the best decision I ever made since the day I brought her home. As a puppy she spoiled me with her quick learning and easy-going temperament! In adulthood she has been the best hiking companion a girl could ask for and loves coming to work with me every day. She has an… Read more »

Beans is the best!

My partner Rob and I adopted Beans (formerly John J.) from NEAS on October 12th, 2019. He’s an absolute LOVE, and such a smart boy. After about a week at home, he had completely opened up to us and our space. Beans loves to play – with breaks for lots of pets and head scratchies,… Read more »