Ellie Moo Girl

We adopted Ellie (formally Babette and then Sadie) about two months ago. She has truly completed our family. We originally adopted her litter mate, Moose in August and they have turned out to be BEST friends. She is the sweetest girl and always wants to be with her family. She LOVES our cat Penny and… Read more »

Love Potion

Our Potion, formerly known as Tami is everything our family could have ever hoped for. She adjusted instantly to her new home and her three kitty housemates Voodoo, Hocus and Pocus. She spends her days either cuddled up with one of us, being mischievous and stealing socks from the laundry or running laps with her… Read more »

Fonzie the spunky city pup!

Fonzie (née Rio) has brought so much laughter and energy to our house! We live in the city with a park on our doorstep; I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s in dog heaven. Every day he gets to play with his new dog pals and the local kids; when he’s inside we play fetch and… Read more »

Milo- It was love at first sight <3

One year update story…On April 7, 2018, we went to Northeast Animal Shelter for a new companion for our sweet Maxey who had recently lost her brother. There were not many cats available that day but one look at Milo and it was love at first site. The gentleman that was helping us explained he… Read more »

Peety the entertainer!

We adopted Peety (previously Scooter) as a kitten about a year and a half ago…. He was and still is the perfect addition to our family that includes three other cats. When he arrived he made himself at home and never looked back! Peety is full of energy, loving and entertaining! We love our Peety!

Alice learns about the Great Outdoors

Lucky me! I learned about the Northeast Animal Shelter at 2am a couple of weeks ago. I texted my girlfriend and said we must go up there immediately! We did, and I found the perfect pup for me. Formerly Marnie, I’ve renamed her Alice. She rode the two hours home to the Cape calmly. She… Read more »

Scotty the Sleeping Champion!

Scotty is doing very well. She still holds the blue ribbon for longest sleeper, but she is good to go when its time for a walk. She is housebroken and eats very well. I love to spend time with her. She is a bit timid still, but everyday she comes more and more out of… Read more »

Blondie rushes to her brother’s side

Blondie now goes by Cam or Cammy. She has been AWESOME! We love her so much. She has adjusted great. Loves her new home and running around the yard and house. She has a great appetite and snores away on her bed, in front of the fireplace or in the sun peeking in through the… Read more »

Hank meets Joey!

What a great cat! Hank makes me laugh every day! Our main concern in choosing a cat was to find one who wouldn’t be intimidated by our beagle, Joey. Well, the first time they met, Hank let out a fierce yowl, Joey ran under the bed, and that was that. Hank will now walk up… Read more »


We fell in love with this cuddly guy as soon as we met, he’s very well mannered. Cheeto’s hobbies include running around with the toys in his mouth, chasing his new big brother around and stealing our hearts. He took no time in adjusting to his new surroundings which was a great relief! So glad… Read more »