Mama Britta’s and Puppy Brayden’s Story of Survival

In Georgia, it’s open season all year long for trapping coyotes and beavers.  Trappers use spring-loaded steel leghold traps with jaws as wide as 5 3/4 inches.  This makes walking in the backwoods extremely dangerous even for a person, but stray dogs are especially at risk.  Britta was one of the unlucky victims of these inhumane devices.

Britta was searching for food to feed her litter of young puppies, when she was attracted by the smell of bait set out by a trapper. A few seconds later, she was in big trouble.  She had stepped on the trap, her bones were broken, and she couldn’t get loose.  Her only option – as horrific as it sounds – was to chew off her own leg to get free.

Our rescue partners found Britta hobbling around on a rural “multi-pet” homestead, along with two of her puppies.  Puppy Brayden was also missing part of his leg, and we can only guess if he was abused or also had a similar encounter with a hunter’s trap.

When NEAS heard about these dogs, we asked that they be sent to our Shelter for medical treatment.  Britta and Brayden have arrived, and Brayden has already had surgery to amputate his useless partial leg.  This was deemed the best option to help Brayden walk more easily without being thrown off-balance by half a limb.  The good news is that just one day after surgery Brayden is already running about, and he is still smiling!  Aren’t dogs amazing? 

Britta will also need the same procedure. Please donate today to help NEAS pay for these surgeries.  As you can see from the photos, both dogs are beautiful and good-natured.  We are confident each will find a loving family to adopt them.

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