Food for Furry Friends


On May 18th, two employees of Northeast Animal Shelter will begin a 1,500 mile road trip to deliver desperately needed food and supplies to our rescue partners in other states.

Hundreds of pets in West Virginia, Georgia, and Florida … who will soon be our pets … and then maybe one will be your pet …. are hungry today!

When you visit our Shelter in Salem, MA and see happy kittens, cats, puppies and dogs waiting for their forever homes, there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes before these pets are ready for adoption.

It starts with our rescue partners in other states, who visit local shelters in Appalachia and the rural South and rescue animals who would otherwise be euthanized. These animals are taken in and placed in a network of loving foster homes, where they are cared for and receive food, shelter, socialization, vaccinations and medications. Their stay can be for weeks and sometimes even months.

And, now our partners have so many mouths to feed that they need help to provide these animals with healthy, nutritious, regular meals. Eating a good healthy meal means an undernourished puppy or kitten can gain the weight they need to grow, or an adult dog or cat can recover from health conditions like mange, upper respiratory infections or parasites. 

In a few days we are going to load up a rented cargo van with as much food, towels, and toys as we can get on board. First stop will be Monroe County, WV, and then on to Georgia.

If you have bags of unopened dog or cat food, old towels, or toys, you can drop these off at our Shelter before Friday, May 18th. Of course, donations are always welcome too. Will you donate today to help pay for the food we bring? Gift cards for PetSmart, Petco, and are also a great way to help.

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