Many new arrivals need urgent medical care

Odin, a 3-year-old cat, was overlooked because of his missing eye.

Grimm, a handsome fellow, is no longer feeling grim because we were able to cure his painful skin condition.

Lucy, a green-eyed beautiful cat, suffered from stress cystitis, which in non-medical terms means her bladder was inflamed and painful.

Renzo was in pain and suffering from badly infected ears.

These are just a few of the pets who have needed special care recently, and all of the expenses — from vaccines to vet fees to admit exams — have added up.  We were able to help these pets and find them forever homes, but in the coming days and weeks, many more pets like these will arrive at our shelter in need of immediate medical attention.  

Our resources are completely stretched to the limit. Please help us make sure we can take care of every pet who needs medical care by making an urgent gift today.

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