Left by the side of the road, like someone’s trash and with no hope to live, Dixie, Peggy, and Kiera would never have had the chance to know what love is without caring people like you.  

Just days ago, we transported 51 homeless cats and dogs from Georgia to our Shelter in Salem, MA. Dixie, Peggy, and Kiera were three of the dogs on board. When we first saw their photos, taken on the day they were rescued, we thought they were beautiful in spite of their grievous appearance. We always do. 

Once we found out the history behind some of their courageous faces, many of us had tears in our eyes. We knew saving this entire group of pets is exactly what our donors expect us to do with their life saving support. We are very fortunate to have so many compassionate pet lovers who would never think these pets were not worth saving. 

Through the work of incredible foster caregivers, Dixie, Peggy, and Kiera were nursed back to health with treatments for severe infections, mange, and various parasites. They’ve made their journey to our shelter where our staff and volunteers eagerly greeted them all of them. Peggy and Kiera has already found their forever families! Dixie is still waiting patiently for her turn, while her treatment continues.

These pets were saved, thanks to the thoughtfulness and generosity you show when you make a donation to our shelter. 

Your gift today will guarantee that other unwanted pets like Dixie, Peggy, and Kiera, will get the chance they deserve to have all their dreams come true!

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