Stripey, the Star

Forever Friends Legacy Society

Joanie Muse had a gift for laughter that she shared with everyone around her. Any activity was made brighter and more joyful by her presence, whether it was working, walking dogs, or welcoming neighborhood children to visit with her two llamas.

Animals of all kinds instinctively knew how kind Joanie was. Dogs would run up to her with tails wagging, and homeless cats found their way to her doorstep. She even humanely caught the mice who moved into her home, and set them loose outside. 

Above all, Joanie’s life was all about animals, but especially dogs. “I love dogs” was her maxim. As a tribute to Joanie, 75 dogs of all sizes and breeds, including her own beloved German Shepherds, Dansr and Tarra, participated in an honor guard at her funeral. 

We are grateful that Joanie named Northeast Animal Shelter as a beneficiary in her will. Her love of animals will live on by benefiting the thousands of homeless pets we are able to care for through her bequest.

If, like Joanie, you want to ensure that your love of animals continues in the future, we encourage you to include us in your estate plans. It’s one of the easiest, most meaningful ways to perpetuate your support and leave a lasting legacy. For more information on how your legacy can live on through a bequest, please contact Laurie McCannon, 978-745-9888, extension 303. Or, you can reach Laurie by email at