As a way to spread the word about responsible pet ownership, we developed the Boo Rich Humane Education Program, named in memory of Christopher Cutler Rich, whose love for animals was an inspiration to all.

We visit local schools and bring special animals who are comfortable being around children and also give small group tours of the shelter.

We show them the proper way to pick up and hold an animal, how to gently brush their fur, and when to leave them alone. To make this a positive experience for the students as well as the dogs and cats, we carefully supervise while each child interacts with a furry friend.

For every child who gets a chance to meet and greet a pet, it is our hope that they take away the message about loving and respecting every living being.

Lucky - image001This photo shows children reading a book to Husky and Terrier at the Topsfield Public Library.  The dogs belongs to Shelter volunteers, and the story is about Bo, President Obama’s Portuguese Water Dog who lives with them at the White House.

As with all the Shelter’s programs, we depend on donations and private funding to maintain the Humane Education Program.