In the Northeast, spaying and neutering is now such a common practice that there are few homeless puppies and dogs. However, it’s quite a different story in other parts of the country.

Every day, thousands of unwanted pets are abandoned across the United States. Cardboard boxes full of puppies are routinely dropped off at animal shelters, where all but a lucky few will be euthanized within a few days.

In 1994, we decided that Northeast Animal Shelter could make a difference in this nation-wide tragic situation. We knew that in our home state of Massachusetts, many families would be more than happy to adopt a rescued pet and save a life.

We contacted rescue groups and animal shelters from California to Florida who needed help, and arranged to transport pets to the safety of our Shelter in Salem, MA. The effort was immediately successful, and is now a large part of our adoption program.

Presently, hundreds of homeless dogs, puppies, kittens, and cats are driven or flown to our Shelter each month. When their long journey is over, these pets share our facility with locally rescued animals until each and every one is placed in a loving home.

If you are a shelter or rescue group who need help saving the lives of homeless pets in your area, you can contact us at to reach our Transport Coordinator.

You can watch a wonderful video on YouTube about our work with “Old Fella,” a Georgia group that rescues dogs and puppies for our Shelter. The video was made by a volunteer at Old Fella to thank us for the work we do.


We call our out-of-state rescue program “Saving Homeless Pets Across America.” This program is made possible by the generous donations of people like you. Your tax-deductible gift helps cover transportation costs, healthcare, inoculations and food…and more importantly, you can help save a puppy or adult dog from certain death.