We sponsor many exciting programs within the community — here is one that we are particularly proud of…

“It is the bright spot of their day. The residents’ faces light up with joy.” This is how the activities director of a local nursing home describes the days when Northeast Animal Shelter volunteers spend time with their seniors and a Shelter pet at our facility as a part of our “Senior Visitation Program.”

Some residents reminisce about the pets they once loved. Others who never had pets slowly warm up to the soft fur and sweet, trusting faces of their visitors.

To be sure that this is a positive experience for all, we carefully choose the pets who will participate in the program. They must be exceptionally calm and loving, and able to last through many pats and squeezes. They must also be comfortable around wheelchairs and other hospital equipment.

Seeing an elderly person smile as he or she touches a pet is a very moving experience. Our animal friends have such healing qualities and we are happy to provide such a gift to our elderly friends.