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Hi, my name is Eudora. I can’t wait to be adopted. I hope you will fill out an online pre-adopt application and mention me! It sure would be great to have a family to love me, because I will give you lots of smiles and unconditional love.

Shelter Notes

Eudora (or Dora) has been in a loving foster home. Here is what her foster mom has to say:

She was initially very nervous of everyone except me, including our dog, Jazzy. At night, I moved the crate to the bedroom so Dora sleeps there and Jazz sleeps on the bed.  This is very successful so far.  
I give Dora her time but I have been attending virtual meetings all week so she has had to find her own spot to relax.  At first, it was in the same room now she relaxes in my bedroom.  Yesterday, she began venturing down stairs without me on several occasions.
I don’t have a fenced in yard so we put the girls out on leads.  At first they were pretty indifferent but are slowly sniffing each other out. When I take them out in the yard, Dora initially stood right by me.  Now she runs around with tail wagging chasing Jazz and peeking at other dogs through the fence as the walk by.
Today has been a great day after the initial days of getting to know her and her settling in.  Both girls have been wagging their tails and Dora is showing more interest in Jazz. Our first trio walk yesterday went well.  Dora walks well on the leash.  Dora took well to my adult sons when they visited the other night.  She also jumped up with my son’s fiance to sit with her. She really is a very sweet girl and walks with grace!
We’re making progress everyday. Dora is now seeking out attention from my husband and dog. She has started getting into typical puppy trouble, like Jumping up on counters and nosing around constantly. With my kiddos at work, I call it appropriately inappropriate!  She is finally starting to act like a dog and it is wonderful to see! 

Call us about Eudora , ID# 125292