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Spackle was found in an apartment after his family had to move. He has spent 3 weeks in a loving foster home. Here is what his foster mom has to say:

“Spackle is a different cat from when we first took him home! He will chase us to play and he will play with toys on his own. He absolutely LOVES the green tubes, I have 2 of them, and I would highly recommend letting him go home with one or two!! When he arrived he would hide in them for safety, and now he loves playing in them. So he has loved them since the day he arrived. I would not recommend him in a home with young kids, he does tend to get afraid of fast movements etc. He will play nibble on hands when you are playing or petting him but, he has never used his nails or scratched us ever. He still is vocal sometimes and will meow once or twice at night but not all night. He is very strong and long so he can jump really high, he can jump at least 4-5 feet! He loves playing in our 6 ft tall cat tree. He does still scratch the carpet sometimes but he’s very good about using the cat scratchers now, especially with plenty of catnip on them! He loves lying in boxes and box lids we have. He loves the laser pointer, string toys, and spring toys are his absolute favorite! He has played with balls and mice a little bit but loves the springs much more. He still loves to be brushed but will tell you when he’s done. When he’s playing with us or alone he often sprints across the house, he does fine in our apartment, but I imagine he would love more space too! He loves mirrors and is super curious about everything. He loves watching “cat tv” out the window. He is not super cuddly, he enjoys being pet when he’s lying on the floor, and will jump onto bed sometimes to be pet, but is not a lap cat and does not sit on the couch, he prefers to look out the window. The most we pet him is when he’s lying on the floor and he enjoys that, but he never jumps onto the couch with us anymore, we usually just brush him by the window or on the floor which he enjoys. The most he interacts with us is playtime, which he loves, he does chase us and is very silly. Every day he is less and less spooked to sounds, in time I’m sure they wont phase him at all. He LOVES lying stretched out on his stomach like a frog with his legs straight out, so when he does that you know he is comfortable!! He loves lying on tile, I always find him in our kitchen or bathroom stretched out like a frog.”


If you are interested in Spackle please email petsinfoster@neas.org ATTN: Spackle.