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July is looking for a loving forever family! July is a shy gal looking for a quiet home that will give her plenty of time to settle into her new home! July spent some time in foster care with her brother Fire Cracker.


Here is what their foster mom had to say:

“The first week she was very shy and scared. She hid most of the time. I used food as a technique to get her comfortable with me and fed her in the same spot every day. I sat by her food while she ate (leaving her alone) so she got used to my presence. After about a week she would come right over to the food and allow me to pet her head with my finger while she ate. She also started playing with toys! After about 2 weeks, she would run right up to me when I entered her room. Instead of eating right away, she would enjoy being pet all over (on her own terms) first! She continues to be slightly shy at first with new people and surroundings, but warms up within a few days. I believe her brother gave her that extra confidence to be brave. I think she would do well with another social cat in the house to show her the ropes.”