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Thumper is a shy boy that is looking for a quiet, adult home where he will be given plenty of time to settle into his new home. He is described as being a loaner and spending most of his time as a pillow on the bed. He is more of an independent guy and does not enjoy being picked up or held. 

Thumper has been spending time in a loving foster home. Here is what his foster mom has to say:

“Thumper seems to be warming up to me. The first day he would hiss when I went into the bathroom. He stayed in between my sink and the wall. He wouldn’t eat while I was in the room, but when I went back the food was gone. On the second day I gave him some of the go-gurt type treat and he loved it.  I then started sliding one crunchy in to him at a time and he eventually rubbed his head against my hand.  He really likes a neck rub. By day 3 he rolled over in his little cubby while I scratched his neck. Today I moved him into the room where I work so he’ll be with me all day. I put a couple towels in my desk cabinet and he seems content in there.  The door is open about 6 inches and he leaned out to drink water from the bowl on the floor in front of the cabinet. I can hear him purr now and then and he’s playing with the feathery mouse toy!”

Thumper is a shy fella with specific needs, which makes him one of our last-to-be-adopted pets, affectionately known as our Unfurgettable Friends! If you are interested in learning more about Thumper, email unfurgettable@neas.org ATTN: Thumper and fill out the online pre-adoption form.