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This is Neffie. She is very nervous here at the shelter, so she’s spending some time in a foster home to decompress. As she’s settling in with her foster family, it’s clear that Neffie finds new situations scary, but she’s slowly building her confidence. She has even come around to the idea of cuddling with her human foster sister! That said, Neffie is a fearful cat would do best in a quiet home. She will need plenty of time to adjust to her new surroundings before she begins to come out of her shell — and a family who is A-OK with that!


Neffie is a shy gal, which makes her one of our Unfurgettable Friends! If you are interested in learning more about Neffie, email unfurgettable@neas.org ATTN: Neffie and fill out the online pre-adoption form.


Neffie spent some time in a loving foster home. Here is what her foster mom had to say:

“Neffie’s got a great appetite and seems very healthy. After a month, she’s still so frightened and apprehensive. She is still in my daughters room and is not ready yet for a larger space. She is starting to sleep with my daughter and become more comfortable being on the bed instead of under it, but even that can change if my daughter moves. I was able to pet her with my daughter for the first time, but she is fearful and trembles. My husband’s been working on playing and she’s making tiny steps with him. It seems when she is under the bed she is not at all fearful so she can always retreat there and we know she is calm. I believe in time Neffie will come around but I think it will take much longer for her. The good news is she has come a long way and is progressing every day.”

“Neffie has made some more progress after about 2 months. She is now sleeping in our bedroom, and will approach us for a few chin scratches here and there before retreating to the bottom of the bed to sit in companionable silence.”

“Neffie has become very comfortable and solicits attention when she feels brave. She was loving being pet and given affection – a first for Neffie! She seeks her foster family out at night time and will come up on the bed for cuddles.”