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Scrumpcious is a friendly guy that finds life at the shelter a tad overwhelming. He is still settling in here, but seems to enjoy some petting, playing with toys, and exploring the play yard. He is a strong boy who will love you forever for a few treats, toys, or just a good old game of catch!

Scrumpcious is currently in a foster home and not in the shelter for visits. If you are interested in Scrumpcious please follow the instructions below.

Scrumpcious is currently undergoing heartworm treatment (covered by the shelter), which will require a few months of exercise restrictions while he goes through treatment and recovers in his new home.  If you are interested in learning more about Scrumpcious, email ATTN: Scrumpcious and fill out the online pre-adoption form.


Foster update for Scrumpcious:

“Scrumptious is the happiest dog! His tail is always wagging, especially around people. When he arrived, it seemed like he was a very anxious, nervous dog with high energy, but that has really decreased. He now only shows his energy when he sees that he’s going to go for a walk or if he is really excited about something. Overall, he is calm and just so, so sweet. His tail literally never stops wagging. Scrumptious loves to play. He will take a soft toy and work away at it gently until he pulls the stuffing out. He loves balls and will chew hard on them. He also will take a chew stick and gnaw away to keep himself occupied. He sleeps through the night without any problems in our room. Scrumptious is completely housebroken. Because he is on medication that causes him to drink a lot of water, we take him out frequently. If we wait too long, he will go to our back door and bark. He will not pee or poop in the house. We give Scrumptious the run of the house because we have no worries about him getting into things he shouldn’t. Scrumptious needs training on the leash. He is a strong boy and pulls hard, but he really enjoys going for walks. Scrumptious is not a barker. Overall he is very quiet. He does not bark at the mail carrier,
people walking by, bikes, cars, etc. Scrumptious is so affectionate. If you give him permission to come on the couch and on your lap he drops down on you like he’s a puppy. It’s really funny and so nice. He loves to be near people, but has no separation anxiety that we have noticed. Scrumptious loves the car and is fine as a passenger. We all love Scrumptious. He is the best dog with the sweetest nature. He is so happy to be with people and to be loved. Which is easy to do!”