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This amazing guy is Leon. He’s 2 years old and thinks the shelter is pretty scary, so he’s spending time in a foster home where he has completely blossomed! We’ve learned that Leon is a total love bug who is looking for someone to love him as much as he loves them. He also adores other dogs, and plays with his canine foster brother for hours on end. He’s still working on potty training, but he’s getting better at it every day. Leon is looking for a patient and active family that wants to give him all the cuddles, and keep working with him on basic training, and building his confidence.

Leon is currently in a foster home and not in the shelter for appointments. If you are interested in meeting him please follow the directions below.

Leon is a shy guy, which makes him one of our Unfurgettable Friends! If you are interested in learning more about Leon, email unfurgettable@neas.org ATTN: Leon and fill out the online pre-adoption form.


“Leon is an amazing dog! He doesn’t seem so shy at all. It was truly the shelter that terrified him. He doesn’t know how to pee on a leash yet, unless you’re in a backyard. We currently bring him behind our condo building which has a small shared backyard on a 20 ft leash, and he’s now able to pee on that and on a 6ft leash as long as it’s in a backyard. He has yet to pee on a walk and his Texas foster said he rarely did there too. He’s currently on a puppy potty training schedule where he’s within eye sight, restricted to only the a small area in the condo, and goes out once an hour or more often if pacing/drinking a lot of water/walking to the door. 

He’s a complete love bug who just wants someone to love him as much as he loves you. He’s attached to me pretty quickly and follows me around the condo, but has also now grown to like and trust my husband and will sit right on him to be pet. When he’s crated he settles within 5-10 minutes and can be heard occasionally scratching and crying until he settles. 

He LOVES other dogs and plays with our dog, Rupert, for hours each day. He’s still learning some play manners and sometimes needs help settling down when the other dog is tired. If we can tell he’s really tired too, we crate him to let him decompress and nap. He’s a rough player, so if someone wants another dog to entertain their dog, I’d highly recommend having a fenced in yard. He does start to pace and follow me if he thinks he’ll be separated from me, but settles within a few minutes after I’m gone. 

He truly seems very adaptable as long as he ends up with an active family who will be patient with him while he learns their routine and how to pee on leash. He doesn’t nip at us or jump on us at all in the condo and will occasionally give kisses. He is happy if you pet him anywhere on his body and has no areas that he has not liked. He loves toys, especially if they have food in them. As I type this, he’s currently trying to get a dental chew out of a Kong toy. He does chew things when anxious and has chewed through a leash of ours while leashed in the condo the first day. Once he settles in a home and is given the exercise he needs, I would be surprised if this continues though. 

He’s really hoping for a family is active, patient, and will give him all the love and cuddles he wants! His biggest barrier will be that I think he’ll freeze in the shelter for a meet and greet with a possible adopter.”