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This is Betty Davis. She’s 3 years old and very shy, but incredibly gentle, passive and sweet. She is most comfortable when she is not alone, and much prefers to follow around her favorite people. This potato, although seemingly calm, is a bundle of anxiety! Her foster home describes each morning of life with Betty Davis like Groundhogs Day…they reintroduce themselves and let her get to know them all over again! Once she does, she relaxes and becomes your shadow. Betty is nervous about going outside — but is improving — and is extremely shy when meeting new people…she prefers to look away and pretend new faces aren’t there, or will run and hide behind objects she can peek out from 😭 Betty is certainly not an outgoing girl, but she is so very lovable. Just a big bean to hug and give belly rubs to. She is a country gal at heart and would love to have a home with a yard to call her very own.

Betty Davis is a nervous lady with specific needs, which makes her one of our last-to-be-adopted pets, affectionately known as our Unfurgettable Friends! If you are interested in learning more about Betty Davis, email ATTN: Betty Davis and fill out the online pre-adoption form.