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Bradley is continuing his recuperation from surgery and is ready for adoption!!
We knew his surgery would be high-risk, but we felt that the risk was worth it to give him the best chance possible. Although the balloon procedure was a success, post-surgery diagnostics revealed that Bradley has a pulmonary artery dissection which has worsened the obstruction in his right pulmonary artery. While there is nothing to do medically at this time, this complication puts him at risk of future cardiac episodes which may shorten his life. Our whole focus now is on providing him the best life possible, no matter how long or short. For now, he’s wearing a special harness called a Holter monitor, a special device used to monitor the electrical activity of his heart.
We believe the best home is a calm one, with no other dogs, and an owner who is 100 percent committed to seeing him through the special cardiac care he will need as he grows. Bradley is still a rambunctious, fun loving puppy whose adopters should also be excited about basic training and socialization. And of course, our team will help his adopter understand all that he’ll need in the weeks and months ahead.
Potential adopters can email Jenna Bradley at the Northeast Animal Shelter at with the subject line “Bradley.”