Hi, my name is Britney but I’m also affectionately known as Brit Brit.  I am a sweet and calm girl and I enjoy sitting with people.  I also enjoy treats and love to play with other dogs. Sometimes I have fun batting a ball about with my paws and chasing it down!  When meeting new people I may need a couple of minutes to warm up, but I always do so nicely with a tail wag and several kisses.  New things kind of scare me, but with treats or other dogs around my uncertainty subsides pretty quickly.  Come on in so we can spend some time together.  I am ready to move in today.

Shelter Notes

5/7/2019:  Britney spent a couple of days just relaxing at a wonderful foster home and she had a fantastic time.  Her foster mom reports that she is fully crate trained and is 95% house trained.  She will sit and whine at the door when she needs to go out.  She is a proper lady on a leash though she is working on her confidence and not laying down whenever she gets frightened.  She is also learning to navigate stairs in the home but that skill too is a work in progress.  Britney LOVES other dogs and she’s yet to meet one she doesn’t like!  Britney is still working on her confidence and trying to overcome people and situations that make her frightened, like having young children around, so we recommend an adult-only home or a home with adults with older children.  Britney relies on her humans to keep her safe and will likely start showing signs of separation anxiety if left alone for more than two hours so adopters who have can have someone home most of the day would be ideal  She does do well overnight in her crate.