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Greetings, my name is Chase.  I have been a shy and nervous boy since arriving here.  I do enjoy curling up in blankets.  Last week I was put into a community room where I met another kitty named Teddy and we really like each other and we bring each other comfort.   When people come in and talk to us, I relax a bit.  I guess I am looking for a quiet type home with someone that can be patient with me and let me figure things out.  If you have another kitty that certainly would help.

Shelter Notes

1218/2018: Chase has been moved back into a cage.  Immediately he scurried to the back trying to hide.  A cat named Trucker is in the cage across from him and began meowing.  Chase meowed back and after a few minutes he came and sat in the front of his cage.  Trucker and Chase seem to have become fast friends.  Chase continues to sit at the front, no longer seeming to be spooked with people walking by.  Another confidant kitty in the home would work wonders to help Chase’s true happy personality to shine.