Hi, my name is Cherry and I am a social and friendly gal. I love burning off energy with someone that can keep up. I enjoy belly rubs and being out and about with my friends.  I also am super intelligent and have tons of wonderful potential.  I also enjoy carrying a toy around, but sometimes I forget so my people have to show me one.  My friends here brought me to meet the Easter Bunny.  What a wonderful time!

Shelter Notes

4/20/2018:  Cherry’s foster mom brought her by for a visit today! Cherry looks great and really trying hard with her training – she loves the food rewards part best! Are you a runner? Cherry loves to run; it’s a great way for her to burn energy but she also seems to find it relaxes her! Cherry is starting some manners training next week so please call us to talk to an adoption counselor for updates!

4/17/2018:  Cherry’s foster people report that she appears to be housebroken, they take her out every 2 hours during the day, but she sleeps overnight without issue.  She enjoys using her mind, enjoys using her crate and mostly acts like a 4 month old.  Everything seems brand new to her and she will jump and grab things she sees.

4/2/2018:   Cherry is in foster care right now so the shelter will have additional notes to share about her soon! Please check back here for more information or call 978-745-9888 and ask to speak to an Adoption Counselor if you think Cherry might be a good fit for you.


3/26/2018  Cherry met with a couple that trains search and rescue dogs.  While working with her they discovered that she is highly intelligent.  She super enjoyed searching for a hidden toy and found it every time!  She was well focused and not even once did she become mouthy or over stimulated.  We know that in the right home environment that Cherry will flourish!

2/28/2018:  We get such a kick out of seeing Cherry going out for a walk because she loves taking a toy in her mouth with her.  She loves playing fetch, loves rolling over onto her back for belly rubs and she’s never met a tennis ball she didn’t like.  She’s making progress with learning to play more gently but she needs continued training as she can get mouthy.  Cherry is a beautiful girl who needs an experienced dog owner who is worthy of her affection.  Think you have what it takes?  Stop in and meet Cherry today.

1/31/2018:  Cherry is an active, strong girl who loves getting attention and lots of belly rubs.  She loves to play with her toys and loves to go on long walks with her harness.  Cherry has lots of energy and can play rough so a family with young children may not be the best fit for her.  An ideal adopter would be someone experienced in training high energy, active dogs.  Cherry is a very sweet girl who could use some guidance, time and patience.  Stop in and meet Cherry today.