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Greeting, my name is Chewbacca.  I had a home for awhile, where I was a very good boy.  I am friendly, sweet and I got along well with everyone.  That is until one day when the other dog went into my crate, so I followed him in.  The other dog bit me, so I bit him back.  You have to understand that I had never even growled at anyone.  I came here and was quarantined and now I am ready to find a forever home.  The staff here say what a good, cuddly boy I am and I sure do think you will agree.

Shelter Notes

2/28/2018:  Chewbacca (or Chewie to his friends) is a very sweet, playful and curious guy.  He loves being outside playing with you.  He’s great on a leash.  Very gentle.  Loves to jump up on you and give you kisses.  Cherie seems to love other dogs and wants play with them but he can be picky about which other dogs he likes and which ones he doesn’t.  If you think your life would be better off with a great guy like Chewie around, stop in and meet him today.