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Greeting, my name is Chewbacca.  I had a home for awhile, where I was a very good boy.  I am friendly, sweet and I got along well with everyone. I love playing with other energetic dogs, being splashed with water and I super love the snow in the winter time.  I am looking forward to being in a home again.  Come meet me and fall in love.

Shelter Notes

5/16?2018:  Chewie’s been taking lots of field trips out into the community over the last several weeks and he’s been having a fantastic time.  He loves riding in the car and is interested in watching the world fly by.  He does really well walking on a leash.  While Chewie can pull a bit when he spots a bird or a squirrel he’d like to meet, he will generally take correction easily with a quick tug on the leash and resume walking calmly with you.  We took him out to the beach where he loved walking in the shallow water.  Chewie would love to go on many more outings like these with his forever owner.  Think that might be you?  Come in and meet Chewie. We’ll be happy to share everything we know about him to see if you’re a good match for each other.

5/3/2018:  Chewie’s been having lots of fun at the shelter lately.  He’s had a few play dates with Bruno and Jack and they’ve had so much fun wrestling and wearing each other out.  Chewie is a really affectionate guy.  Loves to give kisses, loves to play fetch and just tons of fun to be around.  He does have a lot of energy and can run like the wind so he’s going to need an owner who can definitely keep up with him.  If this sounds like the kind of companion you’ve dreamed about, dream no further.  Come in and meet your new forever buddy Chewbacca today.

3/21/2018:  Chewie’s been working hard on his training and is showing great progress.  He’s treat-motivated which is a big help working with him.  He’s a big friendly guy who has lots of energy so adopters in an adult-only home or a home with older children would likely be a good fit for him.  Chewie needs a patient, experienced owner who will be firm with him and take control but you’ll be rewarded by plenty of kisses from this love bug.

2/28/2018:  Chewbacca (or Chewie to his friends) is a very sweet, playful and curious guy.  He loves being outside playing with you.  He’s great on a leash.  Very gentle.  Loves to jump up on you and give you kisses.  Chewie seems to love other dogs and wants play with them but he can be picky about which other dogs he likes and which ones he doesn’t.  If you think your life would be better off with a great guy like Chewie around, stop in and meet him today.

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