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Hi, my name is Chico!  My littermates is Chiba.  I’m just a baby looking for love! Like with all puppies I’ll need someone home with me more often than not. I need you to show me the ropes on how to grow up to be a loving, happy part of your family. This means teaching me to go to the bathroom outdoors, not to chew your good things even though those will be the things I love best, basic manners like sit, stay, not to pull on the leash, not to jump on all your friends who will just love me and think I’m adorable, and maybe you don’t want me counter surfing or finding good things in the trash. I know this takes a lot of patience because I won’t always understand what you want right away but you can be sure when I snuggle up with you on the couch that every minute will be worth it. Please come in to meet me today!