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Hi, my name is Chowder.  I have had a rough past, someone was mean to me as I was found with bad burns on my back.  The people that found me loved on me very much and helped me heal both mentally and physically.  No matter my past, they were not able to break my spirit!  I am a survivor and I have a wonderful loving personality to share.  Come on in, spend time with me and then adopt me!  I am ready to move right in.

Shelter Notes

10/23/2019:  Chowder spent a weekend in a great foster home where they found him to be a very sweet fellow.  He walks well on leash and had no trouble walking by kids, bikes or cars.  He also loves to play and enjoys exploring and he was able to sleep through the night on a bed, Chowder also knows his name.  He knows the commands for sit and stay and was able to demonstrate his knowledge when food was placed down for him.  He would sit and wait until he was given the cue “okay”  He will make a wonderful addition for a family that enjoys going out for adventure!