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Greetings, my name is Connor.  I am an active teenager and I am seeking an active home where I can go out for long walks around the neighborhood or in the woods.  Having a yard would help me get some teenage energy out as well.  I like to sleep in my crate overnight and am looking forward to attending some training classes with my people.  Some things that I am working on learning are how to walk properly on leash and that four paws on the floor is a good thing to do.  I am smart and eager to learn and want the people who adopt me to help me out by continuing with my education.

Shelter Notes

5/9/2019: Connor is still learning how to cope in new situations. Interactions with other dogs is still a work in progress. Loves interacting with the people he knows but can get jumpy and mouthy. Will settle in when things are quiet but is easily overwhelmed by all the various activity at the shelter. Working on helping him to meet new people and feel secure in new situations.

5/1/2019: Connor is adjusting to shelter life. He isn’t at his best in new situations and could use time acclimating. It doesn’t appear he has had much exposure to other dogs as his social skills need much improvement.

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