Greetings, my name is Dalton.  I am a smart guy and I am looking forward to becoming an important member in a loving home.  I enjoy playing fetch with soft toys and I have learned so any important skills like sit, down, look and crate.  I like to be pat and love running zoomies in the yard.  I am also working on learning how to walk proper on leash as I tend to pull, although I do walk better on a harness.  I am looking for a home where my people will continue to work with me.



Shelter Notes

8/16/19: Dalton loves to spend time with his friends in the office, he is a very well behaved office buddy. He enjoys playing and taking naps with his friends here at the shelter. He also loves his long walks and training, one of his favorite activities are his daily training sessions.

7/2/2019:  Dalton enjoys hiking in the woods. He has been to the Red Rock trails and Middlesex Fells.  He walks well on leash, looks to his person for direction and just takes everything in.  Dalton also rides well in a car, resting his face on the driver’s shoulder.  At the end of a recent trip, he enjoyed a treat of puppy ice cream before heading back to the shelter.

6/4/2019: Dalton loves to play soccer! He’ll chase after the ball and even knows to bring it back. Once he’s had his daily exercise, he is perfectly content with just hanging out on the couch and watching some Netflix.

5/8/2019: Dalton is becoming a bit of a show off with all the things he’s learned like sit, touch, look, paw, fetch, and trade. Everyone here is hoping Dalton’s special someone will come in to meet him soon as he is such a loving boy looking for someone to offer his unconditional love to.