Greetings.  My name is Dante and I am a local surrender.  I am an active and playful young adult and sometimes I can get a little over stimulated.  It was reported that I did not get along with the other kitten in the home.  She was a girl, but I can tell you that I am in a room with boys and girls and we get along just fine!  I love playing with them.  I enjoy playing with toy mice and string toys.  A volunteer is also teaching me the command for “sit” and I am doing very well learning.  I also enjoy exploring, being petted. I have even met a dog (believe it or not!) named Jack and I really like him too.  When I have had enough I will let you know.  I am strong and confidant and ready to meet people.

Shelter Notes

1/10/2018:  Dante has really enjoyed life in our community room socializing with other cats.  He’s found a few he really likes and loves to run around and play with them.  Those he doesn’t like, he typically avoids.  He’s made tremendous progress since he’s been here and now think he would do really well in a home with another cat, though we recommend introductions be done slowly.  He’s very playful, energetic and very friendly to his humans.  We know Dante will be a much happier guy when he can find his forever home.  Think it might be yours?  Please stop in and meet Dante today.

11/29/2017:  Over the last couple of weeks, Dante has really shown what a fantastic cat he really is.  Since he’s settled down to life the shelter, he’s really let his sweet personality shine through.  He loves his “out of cage” time and enjoys stretching his legs in our community rooms.  He loves when you give him attention and play with him and his toys.  He’s always happy when people stop by his cage to greet him.  You really need to stop in and say hi to Dante.

11/15/2017:  Dante is super playful, energetic and confident.  He loves toys with treats in it and it’s fun to watch him trying to figure out how to get at them.  During play time, Dante occasionally will get excited and try to give you a play bite and because of that, we would recommend he be adopted to an adult only home.

11/1/2017:  While Dante can be a very friendly and outgoing cat, he is definitely going to need an adopter who is well experienced in handling and living with cats.  While Dante is pretty picky about which other cats he likes and which ones he doesn’t, it’s likely he’ll do best if he were your one and only pet.  He has a strong, confident personality and can play rough so a home with young children is not for him.  Dante likes attention on his terms so it’s best to let him approach you for head rubs and petting.  When he wants attention, he can be very vocal in asking for it.