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Hi! My name is Deli and I traveled a long way to find a family of my very own! I can’t wait for my very own forever human(s) to teach me what it means to be a loving member of the family. I am looking for a quiet family that will give me the needed time to settle in and feel comfortable in my new home. 

Shelter Notes

Deli has been in a wonderful foster home. Here is what her foster mom has to say:

My husband works nights and is up late.  Deli comes out with him and hangs until he leaves.  She absolutely looks for and loves affection.  She now, after 2 weeks, has the full house to roam and loves it.  Doing things cats do.  Follows spots of sun on the floor, tries to find the highest spot and jumps up in any window.  She is also very vocal.  Lots of meows. She loves to try and play with my cat!

Call us about Deli , ID# 125186