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Hi! My name is Fluffy and I traveled a long way to find a family of my very own! I can’t wait for my very own forever human(s) to teach me what it means to be a loving member of the family.

Shelter Notes

Fluffy’s foster mom wrote up some notes on Fluffy! 

 When you get to know him and when he feels comfortable and at ease with you, you can touch his luxurious fur which is mostly snow white with a few splashes of marbled orange.  His fur is as soft as a bunny rabbit’s fur.
Although he is happy and thankful to have  been rescued and brought to the shelter, He was so scared in the shelter environment. 
He was scared when he arrived here too, but when I talk quietly to him and he just goes about his business while he settled in. I made him a nice cardboard box that is lined with soft blankets. It’s very cozy and he likes it.
I clean out the litter box frequently.  Fluffy likes to be neat and clean.
He likes to roll in cat nip. He thinks the organic cat nip is the best!
Each day he is getting more relaxed and he doesn’t hide under the blankets anymore.
After about 2 weeks, when I slowly go over to Fluffy, he meow’s and lets me touch him and cuddle him. Sometimes he meows to get my attention and to let me know that he wants to be petted. Then, he really relaxes and starts to purr like a truck engine. 
He is getting used to being picked up, but that is not his favorite thing, but he will tolerate it for a little bit.
Oh, and his favorite thing is treats! I guess it is true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. 
Although he is more confident now, he still sometimes runs away from me. 
He is looking for people that will be patient with him too because he needs a little time to feel safe and comfortable in a new place. He is the cutest “scaredy cat” that has come a long way in the weeks, I have spent with him.