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Greetings, my name is George and I am a local surrender.  I am a super cuddly lap dog.  My family told staff that I was a wonderful dog when i was with them, sweet loving and calm.  I even fall asleep with belly rubs.  I also can have high energy and am ready to play or run!  I walk well on leash and am good off leash where I can run to my hearts content.  I have enjoyed an outing to the Salem Fire Department and did a wonderful job.  I loved it there!  I love going to dog parks to play with other dogs, as long as they are playful and not dominant, because they scare me. I would prefer to be your one and only in the home and I sometimes get jealous if another receives attention.  I used to live with kids ages 7 and up and enjoyed their company.  I do not care to be left alone for long periods of time.  I become frustrated and break out of crates and chew up rugs.  I would prefer to have someone home more then they are out please.  My family found out that I might have some allergies so I’m eating a particular, easy-to-get dog food to try and help relieve my itchy skin.  If you think you might like to move me in with your family, please come on in! 

Shelter Notes

3/16/2018:  If you’re looking for a big sweet guy to lavish all of your love and attention on, look no further.  George is gentle and happy just spending all of his time with you.  He loves to cuddle and give licks.  He really likes meeting new people and other friendly dogs outside the home but he’ll likely prefer to be the only dog in your home.  We’re not sure how he is with cats but we think George is going to want to be your only pet.  George is incredibly content when he’s just hanging out with you at home.  He can get anxious and scared when left alone so he would do best where someone can be home with him most of the time.  A large fenced-in yard would be ideal.  He loves to go on long walks, hikes and he loves to play in the water.  Think George would be a good fit in your life?  Stop in and say hello to him today.

Call us about George , ID# 115196