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Hi, I am called George.  I enjoy going on walks about around town and I have a stuffed toy named Lamby that I love playing and cuddling with. ( I am planning on bringing my lamby home with me when I get adopted. ) I like to have fun with other dogs here at the shelter.  I also love when people sit with me and rub my belly.

Shelter Notes

5/30/2018:As we have stated over these past few months George has surprised us over and over. His gentle way about him for a dog his size amazes us all but to our surprise, George’s affection for our Ruby has been a great experience for us to witness. We were under the impression originally that he does not wish to share his attention with other dogs.  Except when it comes to Ruby.  They spend much time together playing and walking together. George has added such zip and confidence to Ruby and she has shown us that George as gentle as he is with people, also can show a gentle way with another dog as well.  Maybe it’s the “Tail as old as time, …Beauty and the Beast.”

5/16/2018:  George has been spending a lot of time out on field trips in the community and everyone who meets him just loves him.  He loves going to the grassy play area at Market Place in Lynnfield where he lays down and just wants all the kids to come rub his belly.  He’s very gentle and affectionate with them.  Walking around, he gently greets everyone he meets and just wants lots of chin scratches and head rubs.  George is terrific on a leash.  Very mellow.  He rides really well in a car.  He lays down in back and you never hear a peep out of him.  George has everything going for him but the one thing he really needs is an owner who will love him forever.  And trust us, George will return that love tenfold.  If you’re currently looking for an amazing dog to share your life with, then you need to come in and meet George today.

5/3/2018:  We honestly don’t know why George is still here because he’s a no-brainer.  George is the kind of guy who just wants you to shower him with as much love and attention as you can and he will give all that and so much more back to you.  He’s the sweetest guy ever.  George seems to be great with kids but doesn’t like being left alone when his humans are working or the kids are in school so his ideal home would likely be someone who is perhaps recently retired, still active but generally able to take George with you wherever you go.  George has had a great time this week laying out in the warm spring sunshine and splashing around in his kiddy pool but he really needs someone to love him full time.  Think that could be you?  Stop in and say hi to George today.

3/16/2018:  If you’re looking for a big sweet guy to lavish all of your love and attention on, look no further.  George is gentle and happy just spending all of his time with you.  He loves to cuddle and give licks.  He really likes meeting new people and other friendly dogs outside the home but he’ll likely prefer to be the only dog in your home.  We’re not sure how he is with cats but we think George is going to want to be your only pet.  George is incredibly content when he’s just hanging out with you at home.  He can get anxious and scared when left alone so he would do best where someone can be home with him most of the time.  A large fenced-in yard would be ideal.  He loves to go on long walks, hikes and he loves to play in the water.  Think George would be a good fit in your life?  Stop in and say hello to him today.