Greetings, my name is Ginger.   Guess what?  I made a very good friend here at the shelter.  His name is Pounce and we love doing everything together.  We play, hang out and even take cat naps by each others side.  We spoke with the adoption counselors and they agreed, we should look for a good home to take us both.  Come on in and meet us today.

Shelter Notes

5/13/2019:  Must go home with Pounce # 119042


5/1/2019:  Ginger was understandably not a happy camper when she first arrived here at the shelter but she’s making great progress in showing us the sweet cat we know her to be.  While initially she was upset and wouldn’t let anyone near her, she is now opening up to people touching and petting her if you take your time gently approaching her.  She wants attention on her own terms.  She loves having you play with her wand toys with her and becomes much more open to petting after play time.  She just needs a gentle adult owner who’ll give her the time and quiet space she’ll need so that she can feel comfortable.