Hi, my name is Glue. Come on people, you know that you want a velcro dog, so why am I still here?  I love being glued to peoples side.  I am friendly, am a fantastic cuddle bug and I have a gentle nature.  If you have dreamed about being loved unconditionally, well here I am, so think of me as your dream come true!  Girls like me should not be sitting around waiting to find a family, so come in so we can meet.

*As a Best Friend, ASPCA and Subaru America will sponsor my fee if you adopt me on August 17 Clear the Shelter Day 

Shelter Notes

8/16/2019: Glue continues to hold such a big place in our hearts. She really is going to make someone very happy! She loves going for walks and is still in search of her forever walking buddy! She is such a social butterfly that she easily makes friends wherever she goes. She would like to be your one and only dog so she can have your undivided attention and affection.

7/1/2019:  While we certainly love all of our guests here at the shelter, Glue has quickly become a staff favorite and it will be bittersweet for us when she finds her forever home.  It is impossible for Glue to walk through the shelter without saying hello and giving some love to everyone she meets.  She loves rubbing up against you and it’s impossible to resist those big brown eyes staring up at you. She’ll accept resting her head in your lap and get head scratches but she’d really rather crawl up into your lap if you let her. Glue truly brightens up our day here at the shelter.  Why not give her a chance to brighten every day of your life as well?  Stop in and meet Glue today.  You’ll be happy you did.