Greetings, my name is Gracie and I am a local surrender.  I enjoyed riding in the car and the company of adults, chickens and other dogs.  I love being with my people and also love going for walks and getting fresh air.  I do not care to be left home alone and will become anxious and cry when my people are out of my sight.  If you are home all the time, or can bring me out and about with you, then you would be the perfect companion for me.

Shelter Notes

10/17/2018:  If you’re looking for a constant companion who will always love you to the moon and back, you need to come in and meet Gracie.  She has become the official greeter at the shelter.  She loves when people stop by and say hello when she’s in her special room up front.  Gracie is unsure of herself at times and thrives on a lot of reassurance and attention so a quiet adult home where someone will be home with her all day or a home with older children would make Gracie the happiest dog ever.

9/25/2018:  Gracie went to Derby Wharf, in Salem, MA.  where she earned her Bark Ranger Tag.  She was very calm in the car and enjoyed walking around.  She was also patient and listened well to the Volunteer that brought her out.  She even did well with all the other dogs that were around.  Gracie loves to be around people, it’s what she lives for.

9/14/2018:  Gracie is very sweet, active girl.  Her previous owner took her out for 3 walks per day but she would happily go out as often as you’d like.  She also needs a fenced yard, as she needs a lot of play time, and does like to lie out in the yard all day in nice weather.  She has been boarded and has done well.  She lived with a cat and played really rough with her, so a home without any would be best.  She was crated when left alone but doesn’t love it.  She needed to be led over to it, but didn’t resist.  Gracie is typically not a big eater, and will lose weight if not monitored. She does not like people food other than meat,