Grapevine is a spunky, energetic gal that is ready for a high energy family! She loves to play tug and even chase a ball! Grapevine is still learning that puppy nibbles are no longer cute at her age, and needs a family that is excited about training! She prefers to tell her people when she would like pets and when she doesn’t. She can be sensitive to hands touching her, so a home without small children may be best. Grapevine has an energetic play style that comes off strong to other pups, so she would need to meet any potential canine siblings to make sure there was a love connection!


Grapevine is an overexcitable gal, which makes her one of our Unfurgettable Friends! If you are interested in learning more about Grapevine, email ATTN: Grapevine and fill out the online pre-adoption form.