Greetings, my name is Hank.  I am a local surrender and fun to be around.  i enjoy going for walks, playing with balls in the yard and I am smart too.  I know the commands for sit and wait and paw.  I enjoy belly rubs and well, I guess you really should watch my video below so you can see what’s so special about me!

Shelter Notes

2/28/2018:  Hank has made great progress since he’s been here at the shelter.  He is super friendly.  He loves playing fetch and even lets you take his toys from his mouth.  He will push his toys against your hand to let you know he’s ready to play.  He loves to give you kisses when you pick him up and his tail is always wagging.  Hank is still going need training but he is very food motivated which will help.  He knows sit, paw, waiting drop without being told.  Hank is a big personality in a little body and needs the right owner to mold him into the loving companion we know he’ll be.

2/7/2018:  Hank is a smart little guy who’s still trying to find himself.  He can be both shy and over-confident in a matter of minutes.  He will try to butter you up with kisses one minute then challenge your dominance the next.  He is housebroken and will sit for treats.  Does great in his crate overnight.  Hank will need a strong owner in an adult-only home who is experienced in dog training and who can show him who’s boss.  Hank has shown that he will try to dominate other, less confident or submissive dogs so he will likely need to be the only pet in your home.  Alternately, he may do well with an older, more dominant dog who can put Hank in his rightful place in your pack.