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Greetings, my name is Jack and I am a local surrender.  I am sweet, friendly and I love belly rubs.  I guess you could call me a love bug.  I enjoy people and other dogs.  In fact the staff here have had me in play groups with adults and with a young puppy and I did super well with all.  Cat’s I really do not care for and would like a home free from them.  When I was just a tiny baby I was surrendered in Georgia, I was covered in icky things with a very badly infected eye they had to remove.  Now I have grown into a super handsome teenager.  I really am a great boy and I deserve a great home!

Shelter Notes

5/3/2018:  Jack’s been having so much fun here over the last couple of weeks.  He’s had several play dates with Bruno and Chewbacca and they all had a great time together.  Lots of wrestling and chasing each other around and not to mention, burning off a lot of energy in the process. Jack is a champion treat master!  He loves to show off all the tricks that he knows for even the smallest of cookie bits and he’s always ready to learn more.  Jack’s learned the command “leave it” and “lay down.”  Jack walks well beside you when you’re working with him and he’s a very affectionate guy.  Stop in and meet Jack today.

3/16/2018:  We get a lot of questions here about Jack’s missing eye.  It doesn’t seem to bother him that he only has one eye but he can startle easily if he can’t see or hear your coming.  He was adopted by a very nice family but he just couldn’t get along with their cat.  He has some dog pals here at the shelter that he does pretty well with but he can play rough at times.   He’s learning not to be protective of his food and water bowls and getting better at it every day.  Jack would be too much for a family with young kids right now but maybe just right for a family with older teenagers who have the energy to burn playing with Jack.  He is going to need some training but it’ll be a small investment for a wonderful companion like Jack.

2/28/2018:   Handsome Jack was adopted out of the shelter but returned to us because he is not able to live in a home with cats.  Jack did well with their older dog but his energy was too much for their dog.  He loves playing with bigger dogs his size but doesn’t seem to be a fan of smaller dogs like Corgis and Chihuahuas.  Jack has been on a walkabout in downtown Salem and really had a great time.  He did very well on his leash and was lovable and affectionate with everyone he met.