Greetings.  I am Jesse and I came from West Virginia.  I am playful, outgoing and friendly. I enjoy chew toys and I love attention.  I do not care for cats, but who can blame me, they always hassle dogs like me.  If you are going on a trip, I would enjoy riding along in the car with you sometimes.  I do like the breeze on my face.

Shelter Notes

10/4/2017:  Jesse’s looking for an energetic and experienced dog owner.  He needs an adopter who can keep up with him as well as someone who knows how to help him continue to learn and behave like a gentleman.  His biggest challenge is keeping his cool around other dogs although he’s shown great progress with that here by making several new dog buddies he’s learned to play with.  Although not necessarily ready yet to be in a home that has another dog, he’s really come along a long way.  He would do best with someone experienced who can provide him continued training and structure.

9/4/2017:  Jesse has returned from Bootcamp.  He is at the shelter ready to be adopted!

8/30/2017:  Congratulations to Jesse!  He’s become an honor student at Loyal Canines.  He’s made a tremendous amount of progress in his training there and he’s going to make an incredible companion for a nice young energetic owner who has experience training and handling dogs.  Jesse’s training really hit his “reset” button and he now understands how he’s expected to behave both on leash and off though he will need an owner who continue working with him.  He’s going to make someone really really happy.  Sound like that might be you?   Come in and meet Jesse today.


Call us about Jesse , ID# 111135