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Greetings, my name is Karma and I am a local surrender.  I had a home for a few days, but then my person received an unexpected promotion that is sending him overseas.  He said that I am a wonderful girl, I am housebroken and respectful and I loved hanging out with him.  I whine when I need to go out to go potty, I love playing in the snow and running around outside.  I am also very smart.  I know the commands for “sit,” and “stay.”   I really am a wonderful gal and full of love.

Shelter Notes

12/29/2017:  Although Karma has found two homes, she has been returned both times to no fault of her own.  Both homes reported that she settled in right away, is friendly, fun to be around and cuddly.  Karma had a rough time in life before arriving here originally and has come a very long way from fearful of everything, to loving and trusting.  We sure do hope that her next home truly is her forever home.  She is one girl that totally deserves the best of love!