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Keegan and his brother, Kichi, are here to find a family together! They can’t wait for their very own forever human(s) to teach them what it means to be loving members of the family. Keegan is a nice independent dude. He is looking for a nice, patient adult home, who will give him the time he needs to settle in and feel comfortable.

Keegan and Kichi have been spending time in a loving foster home. Here is what their foster mom has to say:
“They both eat well, and have started to play with their toys and with each other as well. I have set up our “office space” at home for them and they seem comfortable with it, they sneak peak from the windows (closed of course) and lay in the sun in the mornings. They both have also started to talk, which is good. Keegan is more social than Kichi. My husband and I have been able to pet Keegan a few times and he even starts purring. Kichi has been more difficult though, he is still shy. He doesn’t get very scared anymore when we enter the room and he has now started to allow pets in his head and neck while eating. We have not yet been able to pet him outside the meals like we have with Keegan
Kichi is very bonded to his brother Keegan and relies on him to help with his confidence.”

Shelter Notes