Greetings, my name is Kip. I am eager to please and eager to learn. I love going to school and often practice what I have learned back at the shelter.  I enjoy meeting people and going for walks around the neighborhood and hikes in the woods.  I super enjoy playing with other dogs too. Come in, spend some time with me and then we can decide together if I should move in with you

Shelter Notes

5/30/2018:  Kip is such a smart guy and has learned a lot during his time here at the shelter.  He consistently knows the commands to sit, stay, down, come, roll over, sit pretty, paw, kiss and snuggle.  He is currently working on follow, calm, leave it, heel, one-step, slide and play dead and is making great progress with these.  He clearly loves to learn and wants to please his humans.  Kip is also very treat motivated, which certainly helps with his training, and he is very gentle with his mouth when he takes treats from your hand.  Kip is looking  for an owner who has training experience and will enjoy keeping him challenged and motivated to learn new things.

5/16?2018:  Kip took a field trip to Marblehead lighthouse this week and had a fantastic time.  He loved climbing up and down the rock ledges to get to the beach.  He was interested in people riding bicycles near him and he even went up to sniff one to see what it was all about.  Kip had superb manners with everyone he met at the beach. He’s a very intelligent guy who really enjoys learning new things and loves being rewarded with head rubs and chin scratches.

5/10/2018:  Kip enjoyed an outing to Salem center.  There he met some firemen and enjoyed receiving love and treats from them. He also went for a ride on the Salem Trolley where he was the perfect gentleman and enjoyed seeing all the things passing by.

5/3/2018:  Kip’s been getting all “A’s” with his training over the last few weeks.  He learned how to roll over in about 30 minutes.  He knows “spin,” “sit,” “leave it,” “paw” and we’re working on “heel.”  He can be quite a little show-off when there are treats involved and he’s eager to learn more.  He is completely focused when its time to work.  Kip can be pretty picky about which other dogs he likes and which ones he doesn’t so if you have an existing dog and are interested in Kip, we would want them to meet.  Kip is a smart guy and needs an experienced owner who can continue training and challenging him to be the very best boy he can be.

3/21/2018: Kip’s been working hard on his training and is showing great progress.  He’s very treat-motivated which is a big help working with him. He’s a friendly guy who has lots of energy so adopters in an adult-only home or a home with older children would likely be a good fit for him.  He loves playing with Cherry and Jack here at the shelter and is so much more mellow after he spends all of his energy playing with them.  Kip needs a patient, experienced owner who will be firm with him and take control but you’ll be rewarded by having a well-behaved loyal, loving companion.

2/28/2018:  Kip has been making great progress here playing with other dogs here at the shelter.  He’s been having great fun with Cherry and Jack in our play yards.  They play hard and love to wrestle around but really enjoy wearing each other out.  When Kip’s alone with you, he loves to cuddle and give kisses.  We really want Kip to find his forever home soon.  Stop in and say hi to him today.

1/3/2018:  Kip is an active, friendly, high energy kind of guy.  He loves to go on long walks and burn off lots of energy.  It doesn’t matter to him if it’s too cold or miserable outside to go for a long walk because he’s learned to walk inside on a treadmill!  He loves it!   Kip is strong on a leash and could definitely use training on basic leash walking skills.  He would do well in a home with older children (teenagers) but because of his strength, he may be a challenge for them to leash him up and take him out for a walk.  Kip would likely do best being the only pet in his new home as he’s not a fan of cats and is choosy about his dog friends.