Hi, my name is Kirby and I am a friendly guy.  My tail is always wagging and I enjoy saying hi to people.  I love playing and my favorite game involves tennis balls or frisbees.  I also love leaning on people while being pat.  I need confidant people to love and care for me.  I will bring them happiness and together our hearts will soar!

Shelter Notes

10/11/2019: The shelter staff has found that Kirby LOVES tennis balls! He also enjoys running after and catching a frisbee (Check out his photos to see him in action)! Kirby loves going on walks and adventures so much that he gets sad when it’s time for him to go back in his kennel. He’s looking for someone who understand him and can give him the exercise and training he seeks. Maybe that someone is you?!

Call us about Kirby , ID# 121809