Lexi is a happy gal that is looking for a family to adventure with and then spend some much needed cuddle time afterwards. She is a smart cookie and already knows how to sit and is excited to learn more! She can be choosy with her canine pals, so she would prefer to be your one and only in the home! She is looking for a feline free home. Lexi has tons of love to give and has never met a stranger!


Lexi is currently in a foster home. To meet her please follow the instructions below.

Lexi is an active gal, which makes her one of our Unfurgettable Friends! If you are interested in learning more about Lexi, email unfurgettable@neas.org ATTN: Lexi and fill out the online pre-adoption form.


Notes from foster:

“This morning we had invited a few friends over spend time in the garden. Lexi loved it, she went up to everyone and either leaned against their legs or tried to jump up and give them a hug in greeting. She would get distracted by seeing or smelling something and wander off to investigate before circling back to where the people were.”

“Lexi has been loving cuddles at home. In the morning, she likes to sleep in, and when I start moving to get up she will shift and put her head/upper body on top of me and lay down for more snuggles and/or roll over for belly rubs. When we are outside in the yard and she sees my mom she starts pulling me over, and when my mom sits down she crawls right into her lap and will lean into her chest and lick her face.”

“Lexi has done great in my house for foster. She rides very well in the car, jumping right in and either sits looking out the window or lays curled up in the back seat. In the house she is very relaxed, content to curl up on one of the dog beds with a toy, or sit by the window watching all the critters in the garden. She will also welcome attention and cuddles. She has not had any accidents in the house. She has been doing very well on her walks. She walks well on leash – she will mostly ignore other dogs as we pass them as long as they don’t try to approach her. She does want to say hi to people when they pass her on walks, and greets them very happily when they stop to pat her, wiggling her whole body, leaning into them, and sometimes putting her paws up to try and give them a hug.”