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Greetings, my name is Liam.  My bff and partner in crime (the crime of love) is named Jack and we are searching for a home to adopt us both. I always want to be with Jack.  Jack is blind, but can do anything that I do.  I am more on the shy side and I bark at people I don’t know.  Once I feel comfortable with someone I will let them pick me up.  We are ready to join a forever family.

Shelter Notes

11/25/2019:  Liam and Jack were trust worthy in a home where they were free to roam, even when left alone.  They are friendly with other dogs once given proper introductions and like to chase feral cats.   They also like to bark at unfamiliar men, but have never done more then bark.  They settle in fine once they get to know them.


Must go home with Jack # 123171