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Hi, my name is Lilly.   I am a mom of five kittens and they are in a foster home right now.  I cannot tell you about my past, but I can tell you that I have just arrived here and I need a home please.  I am shy when meeting new people and in new situations.  Sometimes I may hiss, but I never have acted out. Usually I will go and hide in a cubby.  Once I am comfortable somewhere I enjoy having my head and cheeks rubbed and eating treats. I have a soft purr too.  Come in, spend some time getting to know me and we can decide together if I should move in with you.

Shelter Notes

12/19/2018:  Lilly continues to make progress.  She has been seen walking around more frequently.  When people sit in her room she will bat toys about for a bit, use the cat scratcher and has even allowed a familiar staff person pick her up.

11/28/2018:  Lilly was a local girl who was found living under someone’s back deck.  The homeowner didn’t even know Lilly was there until her 6 kittens starting coming out from under the deck. Lilly and her kittens were picked up when the kittens were about four weeks old and brought to the shelter.  Lilly has now been spayed and ready for adoption.  She was very frightened when she first arrived though she’s making great progress every day showing signs of relaxing and being curious about her surroundings.  While not quite ready to cuddle with you yet, Lilly will take treats from your hand and is ok with having people nearby.