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Hi, I am called Little Man.  I have always had the same home since I was a tiny baby, then I came here to find another.  Coming here has been tough on me because there are so many new things going on.  Once I am comfortable somewhere I am an active and playful kitty and enjoy rubbing on peoples legs.  I like eating treats and playing with a laser light and I enjoy rolling around in catnip.  Sometimes.  My favorite thing to cuddle with are shoes!  I watch the dogs outside my window and I also like to peek in at the other kitties in their cages.  When I move into a home like yours, I may need a few days (or even less) to settle in and feel comfortable.  I am ready to meet someone just like you.

Shelter Notes

2/14/2019: One interesting fact about Little Man is that he has a strong interest in shoes. He likes to sleep near shoes and bury his head in them! He would love a pair to call his own someday!

2/7/2019: Little Man is very fun! He loves playing with laser and string toys. He’s cuddly and affectionate as well. Sometimes he gets overwhelmed with all the love and attention he is given at the shelter but he’ll let you know when he needs his space. He’s looking for a cat savvy home to give him lots of love, patience and toys!