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Hi, my name is Lucy.  I was saying this to myself just this morning.  “Lucy,” I said, “Lucy you know what you need?  You need a place to retire.”  So I sat down to write this post for the friendly shelter people because apparently, that’s the kind of thing they do- find lovely people for the extremely intelligent and lovable, slightly senior kitties who are…I shudder to type this….LAPLESS.  That’s right: I have no lap to call my own.  I’m looking for my person with a quiet home that will let me be the queen.  I’m a bit shy at first but I will let you know when I request your attention.  Could you be persuaded to volunteer your palace for me?

Shelter Notes

2/11/2020:  Lucy had an owner that she loved and trusted deeply all her life but had to come here to the shelter to find a new person to love.  She’s making the best of an unfortunate situation and has settled down into the daily routine here.  We know she would love another quiet home but It may take her some time to get to love and trust someone again  so your patience will be needed.  Lucy would love an experienced cat owner who understands what Lucy has gone through and will let her settle in with you at her own pace.  Come in and say hi to Lucy today.