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Mikey traveled a long way to find a family of his very own! He can’t wait for his very own forever human(s) to teach him what it means to be a loving member of the family. Do you want to enroll in a training class with him? He just knows it will be tons of fun! He is a sweet fella just looking for love! 

Mikey has been spending time in a loving foster home. Here is what Mikey’s foster mom has to say:

“Very sweet with the two adults in the home, good with a few people coming into the house- dosen’t bark at dogs barking at him while on the leash, very cuddly, likes to be around the people and follow them around the home. He is very high energy- is going on 1-2 mile runs, and then 2 hour walks AM and PM- and needs this to tire him out- would do great with a fenced in yard, or another dog to play with. Does chew on some things on in the home, so adopters should put away things he can grab like books or remote controls. Can be a little mouthy- just open mouthed when he’s eager to go. He’s not a barker. Using a EZ walk harness, and does well. He is very much a typical, young dog. He is a bit nervous in the car- won’t jump in, but will let you pick him up and will lay down in the car.”