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Greetings, my name is Milo and I am a private surrender.  I had a home for a few weeks and really settled in.  I enjoyed my cricket machine and playing with toys.  I loved the people and other cats too.  One of the cats would hiss and growl at me and then chase me away.  My person decided that I should come back here so I could find a home where the other cats would be good to me.  I really do love other cats and I am ready to become forever yours.

Shelter Notes

2/21/2018:  Milo originally came to us from a hoarding situation.  As a result, he was under socialized with people and is generally a pretty shy cat though we are seeing signs of progress.  He still says away from being touched but is often curious about what’s going on around him and will follow people around.  Milo is going to need a quiet, adult-only home and really seems to get along well with other cats.  He’ll do best with a patient owner who will allow him the time he’ll need to feel comfortable in his new home and give him as much space as he needs.  Once he’s settled into his new home. his owner should slowly start working with him to be a more social cat.  If Milo sounds like the companion you’re looking for, come in and say hi to him today.

11/1/2017:  Milo is very affectionate with other cats but can be a little shy and cautious around people when he first meets them.  He responds to a calm, gentle approach then he’ll come up and sniff your hand if you’re patient with him. Although shy, he seems to have a lot of kitten still in him.  Milo’s been playing really well with the other cats he’s living with in our community room but would really like to find his forever home.

Call us about Milo , ID# 115031